Oak Ridge, TN Pest & Termite Control

Oak Ridge offers residents and business owners the opportunity to live, work and set up shop near Knoxville without having to deal with big-city crowds. Mild temperatures throughout the year make outdoor recreation popular in Oak Ridge. Unfortunately, pest problems are often a concern in such areas.

Residential Pest Control

Pests looking for refuge from rainy Oak Ridge weather often find their way into homes. Depending on the type of pest, animals and insects can cause structural damage and health concerns.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial properties including hotels and restaurants stake their reputation on cleanliness and being free of pests. When pest problems crop up in a place of business, business owners need to act quickly to ensure they do not lose customers.

Pest Control Solutions

Bruce Terminix offers comprehensive pest control solutions for both business owners and homeowners in Oak Ridge. Services include:

Pest Control Plans

A pest control plan offers year-round inspections and protection to keep buildings from becoming infested with pests.

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs easily move from one building to another, and bed bug infestations are difficult to resolve. Bruce Terminix offers comprehensive bed bug treatment services that ensure bed bugs are eliminated from a building. Follow-up inspections are offered to make sure the pests are gone.

Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitoes can ruin outdoor spaces and threaten the health of people and pets. Monthly mosquito spraying allows homeowners to reclaim their yards and enjoy their outdoor spaces again.

Termite Solutions

Termites cause billions of dollars of structural damage across the country each year. Bruce Terminix offers bait and liquid termite elimination systems that work to get rid of existing termite infestations and prevent against future problems.

Crawlspace Encapsulations

Homes that have crawlspaces are at risk of developing pest problems. The hidden spaces can attract rodents and insects that go undetected in the space until damage and health risks have already caused issues. Crawlspace encapsulation keeps crawlspaces protected against pests and moisture that can lead to mold growths.

The first step to a pest-free home or business is to consult with an experienced pest control company. Contact Bruce Terminix today at 865-248-0410 to schedule an inspection!