Effective Pest Control in Jefferson City, TN

With Bruce Terminix, you get the most complete pest control guaranteed. From common pests to the effective termite and crawlspace encapsulation. We offer this as a pest solution and as a protection to your air quality and energy use. We offer the most appropriate pest control for each season to protect your home all year round.

Bed Bug Treatment in Jefferson City TN

Today, Bed bug treatment is necessary when you have a bed bug issue. It’s disturbing when you do but Terminix bed bug treatment has your back. If you notice tiny drops of blood on your sheets or bites on your body, call us immediately. There is a recurrence of widespread bed bug infestations. Though they carry no known diseases they can easily cause secondary infections. We address bed bugs with a multifaceted attack. This method consists of a HEPA vacuuming system, then thoroughly steam heat the mattress before encasing it. Last, we apply safe and effective residual products.

Terminix Bait Defend System in Jefferson City, TN

The Terminix Bait Defend System ™ is a highly effective process that baits the perimeter of your home. The termites are affected shortly thereafter, and a colony could be destroyed in months. We work together with you to combat any new colonies from forming. That’s the result if you keep your plan.

Crawlspace Encapsulations in Jefferson City, TN

A crawlspace encapsulation is a method we use to ensure there is effective moisture, water and fungus control. This means the atmosphere that pests and rodents like is no longer there. The fungus and other bacteria that you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace at 60%. Bad air quality in this area of the home has the potential to cause mild to severe health issues. Call us today for a free inspection so we can determine the unique issues in your home and develop a plan to address it.