Sevierville, TN Pest & Termite Control

Wide Termite Pulling Hose Technician Garrick TruckBeautiful antebellum homes, a fascinating history and a booming tourist industry help make Sevierville, TN, a great place to live and visit. Just as eighteenth-century fur traders settled here, modern-day travelers and newcomers are drawn to this community along the Little Pigeon River. The nearby Smoky Mountains may attract nature lovers, but rain, snow and humid summers also lure pests to the area.

Residential Pest Control

Insects, spiders and rodents create health and safety threats in the home. Painful spider bites and dangerous bee stings, viruses spread via mouse droppings, and electrical fires caused by mice and rats are just a few of the dangers posed by household pests. Your house isn't safe, either. Termites and carpenter ants threaten the structure of your home, resulting in exorbitant renovation costs if infestations aren't eliminated in the early stages. Even pets are plagued by pests when fleas take over your lawn or home. The good news is that Bruce Terminix can help keep your household pest-free with inspections and safe, effective treatment plans.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses in Sevierville, TN, and other towns are also affected by many types of pests. Cockroaches contaminate food supplies, bedbugs destroy property and alienate customers, and rats spread a variety of diseases. And no one wants to see spiders, flies and other pests scurrying across the floor at a place of business. Restaurants, offices, hotels, warehouses and restaurants alike risk losing customers and damaging their reputations when bugs and rodents take over. Guests and employees may also become ill or injured by bites or stings. Fortunately, Bruce Terminix is here to protect your business with regular inspections, treatment strategies and preventive measures.


Bruce Terminix protects Sevierville homes and businesses with a wide range of services. Save money with bundled services, or take care of individual infestations with targeted treatments.

We offer:

  • Pest Control Plans
  • Bedbug Treatments
  • Mosquito Treatments
  • Terminix Bait Defend System
  • Terminix Liquid Defend System
  • Home Health Solutions
  • Crawlspace Encapsulations
  • Bundled Services Payment Plans

Whether you're experiencing an infestation or want to prevent future invasions, we have services that are right for you. Keep your home or business free of the pests that can endanger your health, safety and comfort. Contact Bruce Terminix in Sevierville, TN, today for answers to your questions or a free quote.