Terminix Liquid Defend System

tech with hose

Terminix® uses advanced technology to ensure quick, lasting termite extermination. Yet all of our materials are among the safest available for your family, your pets and your home.

1. Trenches are dug along the foundation creating a zone where the termite treatment will be applied. Holes are drilled through the attached concrete slab to allow the treatment underneath. 

2. Specialized equipment is inserted into the soil which allows the technician to apply product in accordance with product label instructions. Excavated soil is also treated to maintain the treatment barrier at the ground level.

3. Drill holes around the foundation are patched to seal in the newly formed protective barrier. Excavated soil is replaced along the foundation line.

4. The system creates an immediate termite control zone at key entry points around and through your home's foundation. 

5. As termites tunnel through the treated soil, the termite control material sticks to their bodies. 

6. Termite elimination begins almost immediately as the termites spread the material to other termites, reducing the colony's population until your home is termite-free.

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